Splendidly arrayed with the undeniable talents of modeling, acting and dancing, Tysha Williams

is taking the entertainment industry by storm.  With an air of confidence that proclaims, “Yes, I can,” she hails from Atlanta (also affectionately known as “Black Hollywood”) by way of Missouri and now dwells in Los Angeles for past 6 years.  She looks forward to blazing an unforgettable path on the runway, on the big screen, onstage and in the boardroom.  Simply put, Tysha Williams is certainly one to watch.

Tysha’s ALL SMILES PRODUCTIONS was founded in Summer of 2014 as a vehicle to answer the industry’s ever changing demands, such as greater content for our performers, diversity in our creative talents and bridging gaps between all facets of the industry to broader audiences.  All Smiles Productions is passionate about creating work for us by us for You. We started with and continue a presence in media correspondence with Hollywood’s elite events from awards shows, charity events, grand openings and private releases in affiliation with Tysha’s other partnership, Studio 3 Hollywood. TV, Film and Live media you name it, ALL SMILES PRODUCTIONS does it! We believe there is so much more behind a smile and a smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear. She carries that beacon often! Like Music speaks universally so does a Smile.  Keep a look out for this ever changing, creative and well rounded woman whose beauty is not only on the outside but resonates from within.

Tysha and partner are now 5 months pregnant expecting their first child. Peace, Love & light during Quarantine and civil unrest as I stand in solidarity for change, Relentlessly!


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