Tysha on her Model/Actress/Dancer/Host/Producer and now newest role, Momma-to-Be!

Tysha on her Model/Actress/Dancer/Host/Producer and now newest role, Momma-to-Be!

IMG_9819_30-04-2020-22-32-53 Tysha is elated to be embarking upon her uncharted new journey of motherhood. One that she was told due to her preexisting condition of massive uterine fibroids, would NEVER be possible…well that is until now. 4 months preggers and counting, Tysha is taking it all in stride along side this encompassing global pandemic. ” So much change is happening all at once” she says. ” I once upon a time dreaded the thought for years of bringing a human into this sadly misguided world but feel now that the mother is speaking and the shifts are happening whether its desired or not. Hopefully the positive movement remains with us all after life begins to go into its new normal.” While the 1st trimester was no walk in the park, Tysha is finally getting back to feeling like herself , well the new her that is! and She’s ready to share her talents with the world as she journies through this pregnancy to her new life as a mom. ” Although this Covid-Pandemic has halted much of mine and many others lives not including my industry, I desire to keep working in a new facet for maternity while pregnant! I am looking for new agency representation as we speak and shooting when I can in safe spaces with my partner until safer methods can open up to work with more photographers.” “I feel just as capable as I did prior, so I desire to keep my dreams alive pre, during and post pregnancy”states Tysha in her pregnancy superwoman glow. Please check out some latest images below of her and budding  baby.




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